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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Max’s Nitetime –

Max's Nitetime - Maxs Nitetime Build Muscle While You Sleep After hard weight training studies show that …
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Sex supplements often contain Viagra ingredients

Sex supplements often contain Viagra ingredients
By Kerry Grens. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Herbal supplements aimed at improving men's sexual abilities often contain the active ingredients in erectile dysfunction pills such as Viagra, according to a new study. Additionally, researchers found that …
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Prostacet – Most Powerful and Effective Prostate Health Supplement Now
'Prostacet' is unique, safe and effective product that help men supplement their lives. Prostacet … Prostacet prostate herbal medicine helps support healthy circulation, provides essential nutrients, and provides antioxident support for the prostate …
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Men will still need a prescription to buy the blue, diamond-shaped pill on, but they no longer have to face a pharmacist to get it filled. And for … United States health regulators are warning doctors and women of childbearing age that …
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Medicine: the Mediterranean diet in a pill

Medicine: the Mediterranean diet in a pill
(ANSAmed) – MADRID, APRIL 16 – Researchers at the Spanish Center for Scientific Research (CSIC) have developed a dietary supplement containing all the disease-fighting properties of the Mediterranean diet in a single pill. … The pill contains …
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Are vitamins good for what ails you?
But, what a supplement won't do is make up for poor eating habits. If your diet is high in unhealthy fats or sodium, a pill won't correct it. And, supplements won't provide fibre or the array of plant chemicals found in plant foods. It's the natural …
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Dank Claims Hird Injections
Dr. Wilcourt, an anti-ageing and sports nutrition doctor, said Dank had requested informal advice on how to improve the players' health and that he had signed off on forms authorizing the blood tests. He said the issue of doping was the furthest thing …
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BSN Syntha 6 BSN Syntha 6 Extended Release Protein Blend is formulated with fast, medium and slow digesting prote…
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INH's Essential BioNutrients Announces Launch of Blood Sugar Support

INH's Essential BioNutrients Announces Launch of Blood Sugar Support
The free Health Watch newsletter shatters mainstream medical myths and provides the world's most effective natural therapies. ( Essential BioNutrients is the Institute's evidence-based line of nutritional …
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New, First-of-its-Kind, All-Natural Whey Protein in Compostable Canister
Supplements: All natural protein powders in Vegan, Whey and Whey Isolate formulas help men and women achieve or maintain health and fitness goals. Virtual Training System: A certified fitness trainer tailors workout programs to suit individual fitness …
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Effects of Applied Relaxation on Vasomotor Symptoms in Postmenopausal
Methods: In this open, randomized controlled trial, 60 healthy postmenopausal women with at least seven moderate to severe hot flashes per 24 hours were randomized to either group therapy with applied relaxation (n = 33) or untreated control group (n …
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