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Acetyl-L-Carnitine: The Best Anti-Aging Brain Nutrient that Boosts Your Memory Power

Acetyl-L-Carnitine:  The Best Anti-Aging Brain Nutrient that Boosts Your Memory Power

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is said to be an amino acid derived included in the bio-chemical mixture of acetylcholine. It is one of the most significant neutron-trans…
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25 Responses to Acetyl-L-Carnitine: The Best Anti-Aging Brain Nutrient that Boosts Your Memory Power

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  • Hii..Thanks for ur video.By the way i would like to share my happiness with you all. I am 51 now and i was using an anti-aging product named “trzell” from past 3 years. It made a miracle .It made me feel like i did back in my twenties!! Thanks a lot for the product.Go google it as to know much information.

  • Simply popping pills does not necessarily help. If your diet and lifestyle is really out of control then taking supplements will likely be of little affect. Your body is working too hard to cleanse and balance. When you have fine tuned your diet and lifestyle appropriately experimenting with different amino acids etc can really make a huge difference. I use about 30 different supplements to manipulate my body and mind as needed.

  • Yes when we are young but as you age you will produce less of it and that is when supplementing with it will give you noticeable results. If your under 40 and have great energy and mental clarity then you may not need it.

  • I understand that they should be the same in efficacy but the truth is that, at least for me they aren’t and I have used both. I took the powdered for for a few years and then took the liquid and 48 hours later noticed huge results. I also tried the liquid form sold by other competitors and I didn’t get the same results. One product had a glycerin base and it did nothing for me. The NOW brand is the only one that works well, at least for me and my family and friends.

  • there is no reason the liquid is any better… they are the same… I work in the industry… the liquid is exactly the same product put in liquid and bottled… Unless you had bad tablets that were not releasing the carnitine… Capsules are just as effective as liquid..

  • Guys, completely get rid of your wrinkle does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search anti aging cream known as Natoxoran Secrets (do a google search). Seriously,I finally eliminated my wrinkle and look younger naturally without cosmetic surgery.

  • I usually take it with 300 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid because it does increase oxidative stress which the ALA prevents.

  • l-carnitine by itself doesn’t really do anything for me; acetyl l carnitine is also not in meat, even if a small amount of it is made (not saying it is, i have no idea or interest in that)

  • i doubt it’s psychosomatic, i am skeptical as hell, but i was curious enough to try it; i’ve tried a ton of things that i found completely ineffective

  • it may not work for everyone, but i find this supplement to be extremely effective

  • i’ll have to try that

  • I took Acetyl-L-Carnitine several years ago and got no obvious effects. Then one day while shopping for vitamins I bought the liquid form. Two hours after my second dose (2000 mg) I felt my brain literally power up to a level I hadn’t noticed in years and its been that way ever since. The liquid form is the ONLY way to go. I have my Mom on it and she has several of her friends taking it and we all are pleased.

  • Add ALA (to Acetyl-L-Carnitine) and you have the fountain of youth, according to UC Berkley.

  • I used to take a Gram of ALC with H2O an hour before my work outs & got impressive results-more strength,energy & improved concentration. I took it on an empty stomach & worked great. Now I’m taking it for brain fog after a bad car accident. I find it funny so many people rather be ignorant!?

  • not nessecarily, because the body is able to build l-carnitine itself. 

  • vegans need to take this supplement because fruits and vegetables dont have l carnatine

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  • Acetyl-L-Carintine is wild stuff.I studied it about 5 years ago it has the ability to help reflex and hand eye coordination.I was taking 3000 mgs a day to see what the effect would be.After one day actually the same day I started taking it I noticed I had no problem being faster than a group of my friends when playing a hand to hand combat video game and also war games etc.Also it is being looked at to help in much more than memory.

  • There are studies that demonstrate that acetyl l carnitine can actually increase oxidative stress. That’s one of the main reason why it usually comes with alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant. At least this advertisement did some research prior to its entrance

  • If you’re looking for brainboost/nootropic alternative to caffeine like drug/herb/amino aicds. Please stick to caffeine since there’s not enough evidence, research and safety of any of the other drugs. For example Piracetam and Alcar is speculated to cause/promote cancer. Caffeine is the only drug that has been researched the most. But the best proven way to live healthy is to get all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables rather than pills and stay away or limit caffeine and alcohol.

  • its not a vitamin it’s a non-essential amino acid

  • @ArtySmartygirl it’s an amino acid.

  • ALC rocks. 1 take 0.5 – 1g a day

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