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Beef Protein Powder? vs Natural Isolate: Supplement Showdown!

Beef Protein Powder? vs Natural Isolate: Supplement Showdown!

Supplement Showdown! Battle of the fruit-flavoured protein powders: 4Everfit Fruit Blast Isolate 100% Natural vs Dymatize Elite Primal 100% Beef Protein Watc…

15 Responses to Beef Protein Powder? vs Natural Isolate: Supplement Showdown!

  • will elite help me gain mass?

  • It’ll market to women for sure, suppose they should find a way to make it appealing to both men and women.

  • my friend takes hydrolized beef protein isolate, because he is allergic to whey….

  • I always choose natural!

  • If there isn’t a shortage of beef…there isn’t a shortage of milk, where whey comes from, lol. Other than that…good review. I totally agree that they should stop with the artificial sweeteners in these “health products.”

  • The reason why they made the beef protein powder is because beef foods are loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol. Other than that beef is a high quality protein. This would be a ideal supplement to mix in with your whey protein isolate after a workout. Since whey absorbs and gets used up so quick. Actually you should take your whey shake first then the beef.

  • thanks for this good information.

  • i was wondering ive asked this question and got mixed answers does pump up music accually help with lifting/ lifting more and working harder or is it a myth? it doesnt or some of my friends and it does for others

  • They created it for people with dairy issues as well as the Paleo movement of which the die hards also don’t eat grains nor legumes. You kind of made yourself look pretty stupid with that comment.

  • lol that’s like saying “Only pussies eat properly!!” hahahaha

  • the elite primal is better by far and tastes good with a blender and skim milk. .

  • why are you watching supplement reviews if you don’t use supplements? lol

  • Only pussies takes any kind of supplements !

  • It’s an awesome Canadian band called Armchair Cynics. Song is called Believe.

  • Hi there was Looking at Videos on Dymatize products and found this
    Was just wondering What song did you use at the start?

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