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Bodybuilding with CytoSport Muscle Milk and CytoSport Monster Milk

Click Here for A Full Description Monster Milk™ is a powerful, yet easily digestible protein. Although it tastes like an ultra-rich milk…

25 Responses to Bodybuilding with CytoSport Muscle Milk and CytoSport Monster Milk

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  • @felipelpr

  • I would say that monster milk does not taste as good as the old fashioned muscle milk, but it is a good gainer, I went from 200 to 220 after I started using it. So that was bout four monthes ago I would say, With little change in my diet besides that

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!! ment for gaining mass… loos that shit then get on mussle milk

  • I agree. I used to own 4 Black Angus and 5 Herefords cattle. Wlaking protein…

  • Real muscle milk is owning cows and getting a fresh whey shake daily!

  • are u fucking high? that shit is terrible. all that filler and way too much fat for a protein drink.

  • lol that stuff is horrid for you has so much metal in it and its shit price for what you get the amount of protein and why is a pinner guy like you doing this review and im talking about the muscle milk its shit

  • well im 15 n i start usin it is just milk and protein nothin bad could happen

  • why don’t you just drink natural fat free milk?

  • Found out muscle milk has toxins heavy metals and arsenic in it

  • of course not wtf cmon use common sence this shit has bad shit that will gain fucking fat!?? wth

  • nope no age just dont take this

  • nope this shit sucks

  • how can u guys frikkin lisin to this skinny guy telling u wtf is good like muscle milk or monster milk there both shit products full of fat sugars its like taking a bit of 20grams of protein and having a big jar of fucking sugar . shit u dont even need that bullshit to lose fat or so called “burn fat ” its all planned out by the company to say this shit burns fat cuts u up and gets u big yeah its going to get you fat big but not muscle big just fucking eat almost perfect 5-7 times a day at done

  • I am currently using monster milk and i must say it is by far the best supplement i have used so far,it might be a little expensive but it is definetly worth the money,it helps with strength, size and muscle recovery,i highly recommend this product.

  • will monster milk make you gain fat along with the muscle?

  • what is the chemical formula for muscle milk

  • like which ones

  • yes you can use muscle or monster milk… children as young as 12 use it. with no side effects

  • Which supp would help u gain more muscle faster?

  • very welcome!!


  • Stick to Whole foods(eggs,chicken breast, turkey,lean beef) don’t buy this crap, get real protein. how this helps.

  • Muscle Milk is not a good protein. There are way higher quality proteins for much less money.

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