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Healthy subjects study kickstarts sales of UC II ingredient, InterHealth says

Healthy subjects study kickstarts sales of UC II ingredient, InterHealth says
Initial results of the 17-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 55 participants were presented first via poster in February at e 2013 Scripps Natural Supplement Conference. The research abstract is published in the Journal of …

Prescription Drug Deaths Rise Among Women—Novus Detox Calls for Action
Many prescription drugs can cause side effects which range from mild to severe, but if the side effects are worse than the original ailment the drug was meant to cure, an alternative treatment method may be advisable. 2. … Novus is known for …
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Pet Talk: How to safely medicate pets
When it comes to the health of your pets, medications play an important role in preventing disease, increasing longevity, and making for a healthier, happier pet. Whether it's antibiotics, pain meds, … Just like during your doctor visits …
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Protein supplement business an internet sensation

Protein supplement business an internet sensation
The company came to life after Lawrence was inspired to develop a natural alternative to traditional protein supplements. He had spent time helping cancer patients maintain a healthy diet and found many were using traditional protein supplements full …

Fort Hood suspect can represent himself
… talks could influence penalty · Paul Little. ESSENDON'S punishment over its 2012 supplements program could be shaped by high-level discussions with the AFL. … Teen depression. EVERY Year 12 class in Australia has at least one student who has …
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Use of medicinal plants on upswing
Mrs. Mango & Co. offers alternative health benefit…: Mrs. Mango & Co. in … About 2,000 tons of the berries of the plant, which provides relief from prostate gland and related urinary tract issues, are annually harvested to become herbal supplements …
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Codex Alimentarius 1 of 4

The End Of Healthy Food, Minerals and Vitamins. Alarming draconian legislation regarding the drug and food administrations ability to regulate basic vitamins…

Magic Realism

Magic Realism
"Consumers are driving the train that is leading society to practice smart prevention, looking at health options as integrative, rather than alternative, health decisions," Mister said. "By and large, supplement users are serious about their health …
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Opinion: Alternative healing or quackery?
Warning: Men's natural sex supplements may not be. The therapist doesn't tell you about the dangers of alternative therapies. Alternative medicine is perceived as more natural and less harmful than conventional medicine. But medicine is medicine, and …
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Vaccine advocate takes on the alternative medicine industry
The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine” in which he takes on the vitamin and herbal supplements industry, alternative medicine of all kinds, Congress and celebrity doctors who peddle their own products. It hits the shelves on Tuesday. “Yes, I …
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