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Galileo’s Lawyer, Alternative Health, Wake Up America #11

Galileo's Lawyer, Alternative Health, Wake Up America #11

Galileo’s Lawyer: Wake Up America # 11 Galileo’s Lawyer: Courtroom Battles in Alternative Health, Complementary Medicine and Experimental Treatments “Galileo…
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25 Responses to Galileo’s Lawyer, Alternative Health, Wake Up America #11

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  • i notice you guys have surprisingly low views!

    Any tips as to how we, the viewers can help spread the word?

    Love and respect from Norway!

  • A good way to figure out the effects of health on your body is by keeping a health journal.

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  • not the Bavarian but before, wanted to prove the importance of science within society, was limited by the church, finally imprisoned, part of a society of enlightened or rather illuminated ones, this society was outed and went into hiding, they were absorbed by the masons and other organisations, the bavarian illuminati was later founded by wealthy bankers, co-opted a plot to bankroll the economy, it worked, and now they still run shit, just in secret: trilateral commission, bilderburg, CFR,COR

  • We Can Accept God Becoming Man To Save Man, But Not Man Becoming God To Save Himself. -Vernon Linwood Howard (1918-1992)

  • man is the source of all coming evil- Carl Gustav Jung

  • I’m going to purchase the book. Keep up the great workRichard, WUA and PsycheTruth.

  • I’d like to see you guys talk about stevia and how it took so long for the FDA to accept it as a sweetener…

  • Thanks I’m a recovering aspartame addict, so I collect Information on i.

  • you can thank donald rumsfield. in the 70s there was a huge lawsuit against it. they used rumsfield, who happened to have big part of nutrasweet…well, after reagan was elected~ the suit was dropped and the fda had a brand new president. look under my faves =0)

  • Galileo is illuminati,

  • Well the argument is that people who wish to advertise for a candidate or contribute to his candidacy should be able to and if it cost a lot of money to do this then their right not to do this is denying their right to freedom of speech. Speech should not be abridged no matter what the cost are. The U.S. Supreme ruled on this by 5-4. There are other court cases still pending that might find the McCain-Feingold Bill unconstitutional.

  • I wish I could do something to help you folks in your cause, but it all seems way over my head…Ill keep watching anyways, I can feel truthfulness and sincerity and realness in your presentations.

  • I would like to see Richard take the FDA to court for aspartame being made legal. There must have been something illegal going on there.

  • they come after the cancer doctor because he would mess up the good business of the pharmaindustry. they are not interested in a safe working cure but in your money.

  • Rick is cool

  • I enjoy your segments on private industry and government corruption in the healthcare and food industries. A segment or segments on exactly how the corruption operates would be helpful. The better the public is at understanding how private industry manipulates government the less likely they will be to dismiss criticism of business practices and the better able they will be to protect themselves.

  • It’s the American Way. If it were any other way it would be Un-American, lol. It’s part of the US Constitution, First Amendment called Freedom of Speech and giving money to a US Congressman to assist him in his next campaign falls under that category.

  • i like the lawyer’s word choice, i might just want to read his book just to learn some words and to know what he wrong the knowledge.

  • Wouldn’t it be easier to go to K Street and pay your millions of dollars and hire a lobbyest? Exxon, Big Pharma, AMA, General Electric, US Chamber of Commerce and Goldman Sachs all do! It seems to me if your cause is worthy enough you’ll spend the money and have anything you want on a silver platter. It’s the American way, lol.

  • Due to morbidity & morality of babes, the hospitalized, pregnant women, access, etc., the USA is ranked 54th in Medicine world wide

    It is also the only industrialized nation not to give access of health care to its citizens

    75% of all health care costs in TEXAS go to treat Illegal Aliens, (per recent TX congressman – write me for any citations & references)

  • Very good.

  • It’s because the gov is in the pocket of big pharma, and big pharma don’t want the competition.

  • Excellent material – Once again

  • UGH! my computer is dumb and wont let me rate. 5 Stars! Good job!

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