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Health supplements

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6 Responses to Health supplements

  • Good day! I’m Matthew.I did -15 lbs past one week.Visit

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  • -not sure if its Nutrition you need..
    …maybe you should spend your money on a big wheel to run round??

  • i’ll buy that!

    the last supplement i took gave me bushy eyes and a bright tail, i was a laughing stock at the rodent rehab support group annual dinner and dance …although thinking back i did manage to regain a little self respect in the ‘eat your own weight in acorns’ competition.
    (i caught a sneaky glis glis purging into the tombola, no way could he keep up with my cheek action)

  • Sure does, and keeps you bright eyed & bushy tailed!

  • banishes guilt? fuck sign me up!

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