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True Athlete Natural Whey Protein

True Athlete Natural Whey Protein

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5 Responses to True Athlete Natural Whey Protein

  • Yeah, I’m starting to cutback on supplements myself. I bought a couple things at viewers request but this is one I would continue to use with a normal muscle building diet!

  • I just came from V.S. and bought some, this product looks awesome, no hype on the outside of the bottle, no garbage on the inside, just what I was looking for. I bought the 1.5 bottle for 19.99 in store.

  • NSF! NSF!

  • Yeah, although it is natural, it’s still concentrated not isolated. The higher lactose levels can make you feel bloated and/or sluggish. Thanks for the feedback though! It’s really appreciated!

  • Glad someone reviewed this product. Thanks. Just to add, its sweetend with stevia and in stores it goes for $26. I like it but It makes me feel lethargic but I haven’t used any whether for years so maybe that’s my body adjusting..

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