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Vegan Protein Deficiency – Raw Truth About Protein Supplements

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25 Responses to Vegan Protein Deficiency – Raw Truth About Protein Supplements

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  • @ tbayguy. I have researched the same info on protein levels; Plant proteins anyhow. Maintenance levels for adult males can be even lower than 35 according to data from populations in other countries. Personally I prefer around 80 when I am building muscle and 50 for maintenance. Even still I am looking 2 experiment on dropping it as low as possible.

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  • what’s your opinion on a spirulina? I’m a fan, especially since it contains 100% of your vitamin A in one teaspoon. And technically that’s a supplement, right?

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  • What about 7 grain powder.

  • Awesome video clip. Fall in love with Youtube for this sort of information!

    My best friend was previously bullied. He explained he was going to get bigger muscle mass. I laughed… Until within weeks he added 40lbs of absolute muscle. He used the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). He doesn’t get bullied any more. I subscribed a few days ago. See what will happen. Plus the guys emails are fucking great!!!

  • Yuk, grass fed milk? google pus spores in milk.

  • “he must be supplementing” HAHA funny

  • I occasionally take barley powder. It has good nutritional value and is alkalizing.

  • So are you saying, that the spoonful of Organic Barley powder that I mix with purified water, (on a daily basis) would be of “no” extra benefit to me ??

  • silverbacks eat bugs yes dont say they dont they do so do most things most dont know they are but silverbacks eat ants

  • This is typical internet garbage. Vegans get enough protein. The problem in this country is the obsession with protein which causes health problems like kidney stones, kidney disease, etc.

  • What about Beta-Alanine? Or Creatine? L-carnitine? Taurine? I dont know too many vegan foods that have them if any. Sure the body can synthetise these from other aminos and vitamins but as a sports supplement vegans might benefit.

  • I did try 10 bananas a day……didn’t work out too well. I’ve since cut back to 3 a day and feel much better. Thanks for the tip on grass fed milk.

  • 5 banannas is a lot sugar, & if you double that that wouldn’t too good. have you tried raw grass fed milk. go to realmilkdotcom

  • The B12 issue I find to be the most complicated as to how to get it. Soymilk has it but only 15%. I know you can also get it from nutritional yeast (fortified with B12). I guess that’s the only thing about veganism that you have to think about, but the rest of the vitamins you get from naturally based foods.

  • get off the money

  • they thing is those vegetarian herbivore animals can break down plant cell walls with their cellulase. humans can make up for it probably alot buy blending the plants. you prolly know this , just wanna put it out there

  • fyi – dried spirulina (seaweed) is the highest non-soy/vegan protein source… 30g contains 17.2g protein (87k/cal) whereas beef (raw) has only 2.5g per 30g (200k/cal)

  • Ah this sounds familiar, I’m celiac so gluten is a no no for me, and rice is problematic. Sweet potatoes are great, corn pasta is good too, eat big portions! Just one thing, a lot of fruit + fatty things like nuts is a recipe for blood sugar issues, so keep them seperate. Eat the nuts last in the day so you can digest them overnight and be clear the next day to eat more fruit. Check my latest video to see my weight gain, I was really underweight. You can do it!

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