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Yunker Energy and Health Supplement Review

Yunker Energy: Amazon:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

5 Responses to Yunker Energy and Health Supplement Review

  • ‘Herbland Canada’ is the best place to shop health supplements online (no shipping fee wow)

  • i will probably buy it

  • Thanks for the support. I’ve been inactive lately because of finals, but I’ll be posting more reviews soon now that the semester is over. I have tried the lo-carb monster, and its fairly good. May do a review of it eventually.

  • You should make more reviews man :) I’m subbed to you and you are by far the best reviewer for these instead of listening to these 10 year old kids who think they are cool recording their faces drinking a monster. Try Monster Lo Carb (the blue one) It’s similar to the original green one but give it a try!

  • If you like all of the energy with none of the caffeine/other chemicals of a regular energy drink or energy shot, absolutely.

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